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Indie challenges and game trends – DevTalk #2

Indie challenges and game trends – DevTalk #2

Indie challenges and game trends – DevTalk #2

Welcome back to Part II of last weeks interview!

First, we talked about the general definition of indie. Publisher yes, publisher no. Now the second part’s about challenges and the dev’s comments about current gaming trends




Hands down. What’s the biggest challenge for indie-developer?

Jay: Money.

Sascha: Yeah that’s a big problem too. I would say marketing. Of course, it’s connected with money. But you also need to network. Get in touch with important contacts. Big publisher already has them. We must build them up from the beginning. That’s not easy without experience.

Johannes: I would add a third thing: funding in general. Where do I get my budget from?
And the small team: Who’s doing marketing? PR? You don’t have the experts like a Triple AAA production. The team must share those tasks without experience in it. Even if you don’t want to.


“It’s about heart and soul.”


What’s going on with gaming trends?

Sascha: Gambling is going on! Everyone has loot boxes and stuff like that. Sadly, it really evolved into an industry [withing the gaming industry]. Money became so important. That’s why indie-games are even more important in my opinion: they form a trend against those values. Indie is about heart and soul.

Johannes: New ways of monetization in general. Mobile games for example have a lot of importance for that. Free to play is widely spreaded. A current example with an enormous attraction: Fortnite!

And the thing is: big publishers follow this beacon. And implement their own ingame systems. That’s why microtransactions is growing more and more.

Another trend, I don’t know if you can call it trend but: it’s more difficult to develop small games. A few years ago, you didn’t have possibilities to fund your game. Now, with crowdfunding and easy-access tools, a lot of people start developing. You need some luck to have success with your game. The market is full of competition.

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What is Indie? – DevTalk #1

What is Indie? – DevTalk #1

What is Indie? – DevTalk #1

Hello everybody!

A few days ago we had a small but interesting discussion about the indie-business and the gaming industry in general within the team. Johannes, Sascha, Jay and me give you a little insight about our thoughts and opinion to several topics. The first part is about the true definition of Indie.


“Indie is the antithesis of Triple AAA.”


EnterTalement is an indie-studio. But was does ‚indie‘ even mean?

Jay: It’s an independent (short: indie) developer who can realize his visions. No publisher’s looking over his shoulder and tells him: no, that’s not cool, no you have to change that! The studios can be smaller sometimes if you compare them with AAA (Triple-A) developer. But they don’t have to be a small studio per se. Indie-games go for innovation and creativity. AAA represents more often a safe success and well-known topics and mechanics.

Johannes: In my mind the typical indie-developer is a small studio, little money but creative and innovative. And without a publisher. That’s the big advantage – and disadvantage. You have such a small budget for development. And no money at all for marketing. Big companies can set huge marketing-campaigns and plan game over three years.

Indie is the antithesis of AAA. They represent crafty gameplay and great game topics, it’s more about the game itself instead of company communications.


“It’s weird.”


So. Developer plus Publisher is automatically not indie? Right?

Johannes: It’s a grey area. It’s weird.

Jay: A good example would be Shadow Tactics from Mimimi Productions. It was published by Daedalic Entertainment but the Shadow-Tactics-team had the freedom of choice.

Johannes: That’s the thing. In everyday life, the definition [of indie] is creative, with small focus, a lot of soul. Even with a publisher.

Read the second part of our discussion next week on!


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Update #1: What’s coming next?

Update #1: What’s coming next?

Update #1: What’s coming next?

Finally a new blog article.. but what is ‘Update’?
Update is an update. Not for us but for you!

We’ll try to keep our community up-to-date. Doesn’t matter if it belongs to our game, our studio or anything else. You get your infos here!

So.. what are we doing actually? Many, many things:

Our core team is programming. Obviously. Every day (and night). The super-secret-story-algorithm is running well, Leigh just learned to cast spells, light & heavy attacks. As we posted a few weeks ago, we use the Anticipation-Contact-Recovery rule.

Next step for our design is the creation of our characters in 3D. Of course this includes modelling, texturing, rigging & animating. So it will be a longer way to finish and share our models. But we keep you up-to-date. Promised!

You have the skills to help us with that? Even better! We are currently looking for 2D and 3D artists.

Everyday is changing step by step. After our relaunch last week we continue to improve the experience users have with our website. In a couple of days we renew the game section for FOR GOD’S SAKE. We’ll share fresh infos and features of the game.

We also plan our kickstarter campaign for November 2018. You don’t want to miss that? Our newsletter and social media channels provide every information you need.

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First Look: EnterTalement’s new social media channels

First Look: EnterTalement’s new social media channels

First Look: EnterTalement’s new social media channels

Stay tuned for EnterTalement!
Since August we are working on our three social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook and Twitter launched a few months ago. Almost since the beginning of EnterTalement. Now we fill those channels with alot of content and insights of our game, crew and the indiegames/gaming industry in general!
And there is even more: we launched our Instagram channel on 24th August!

All channels stay under our claim: Random games for random people.

At the same time we are working on a relaunch for our website. New features like this blog (Yes! I’m new..), an english version and social media plugins make our website more connected with all social networks – and of course with you!

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