for god's sake

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EXPLORE the foreign world.


They took his powers. Earth is his prison: For God’s Sake tells the story of young god Leigh. Weary of his tricks and ploys, the gods ban him from the kingdom of gods. Now he must face his greatest trial ever: helping people.


FIGHT mighty creatures.

A Procedural-Story-Generator provides varied and exciting stories. Action-paced platformer levels challenge the player over and over again.

DISCOVER the dark secret of the gods.

To be sure, Leigh follows their rules, the gods sent their uptight servant Tilly to observe Leigh. But the barefaced god nevertheless tries to deceive his ancestors and retaliate them for his exile.

Where he discovers the dark secret of the gods…

Community Driven.

Together with you we want to make Leighs journey unforgettable. Your support means a lot to us and really helps us to speed up the development.