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Indie challenges and game trends – DevTalk #2

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Entertalement

Welcome back to Part II of last weeks interview!

First, we talked about the general definition of indie. Publisher yes, publisher no. Now the second part’s about challenges and the dev’s comments about current gaming trends




Hands down. What’s the biggest challenge for indie-developer?

Jay: Money.

Sascha: Yeah that’s a big problem too. I would say marketing. Of course, it’s connected with money. But you also need to network. Get in touch with important contacts. Big publisher already has them. We must build them up from the beginning. That’s not easy without experience.

Johannes: I would add a third thing: funding in general. Where do I get my budget from?
And the small team: Who’s doing marketing? PR? You don’t have the experts like a Triple AAA production. The team must share those tasks without experience in it. Even if you don’t want to.


“It’s about heart and soul.”


What’s going on with gaming trends?

Sascha: Gambling is going on! Everyone has loot boxes and stuff like that. Sadly, it really evolved into an industry [withing the gaming industry]. Money became so important. That’s why indie-games are even more important in my opinion: they form a trend against those values. Indie is about heart and soul.

Johannes: New ways of monetization in general. Mobile games for example have a lot of importance for that. Free to play is widely spreaded. A current example with an enormous attraction: Fortnite!

And the thing is: big publishers follow this beacon. And implement their own ingame systems. That’s why microtransactions is growing more and more.

Another trend, I don’t know if you can call it trend but: it’s more difficult to develop small games. A few years ago, you didn’t have possibilities to fund your game. Now, with crowdfunding and easy-access tools, a lot of people start developing. You need some luck to have success with your game. The market is full of competition.

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