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What is Indie? – DevTalk #1

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Entertalement

Hello everybody!

A few days ago we had a small but interesting discussion about the indie-business and the gaming industry in general within the team. Johannes, Sascha, Jay and me give you a little insight about our thoughts and opinion to several topics. The first part is about the true definition of Indie.


“Indie is the antithesis of Triple AAA.”


EnterTalement is an indie-studio. But was does ‚indie‘ even mean?

Jay: It’s an independent (short: indie) developer who can realize his visions. No publisher’s looking over his shoulder and tells him: no, that’s not cool, no you have to change that! The studios can be smaller sometimes if you compare them with AAA (Triple-A) developer. But they don’t have to be a small studio per se. Indie-games go for innovation and creativity. AAA represents more often a safe success and well-known topics and mechanics.

Johannes: In my mind the typical indie-developer is a small studio, little money but creative and innovative. And without a publisher. That’s the big advantage – and disadvantage. You have such a small budget for development. And no money at all for marketing. Big companies can set huge marketing-campaigns and plan game over three years.

Indie is the antithesis of AAA. They represent crafty gameplay and great game topics, it’s more about the game itself instead of company communications.


“It’s weird.”


So. Developer plus Publisher is automatically not indie? Right?

Johannes: It’s a grey area. It’s weird.

Jay: A good example would be Shadow Tactics from Mimimi Productions. It was published by Daedalic Entertainment but the Shadow-Tactics-team had the freedom of choice.

Johannes: That’s the thing. In everyday life, the definition [of indie] is creative, with small focus, a lot of soul. Even with a publisher.

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